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Get ready to increase the uptime, resiliency and performance of your InfluxDB deployment! InfluxEnterprise is the software and support subscription that turns any 0.13+ InfluxDB instance into a production-ready cluster. Rebalancing, monitoring, user and system management all within a slick UI, on YOUR infrastructure.

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Subscriptions to InfluxEnterprise including technical support start at just $199/mo. Contact Sales to have a Solutions Architect help size your cluster and identify the right subscription for your requirements.

Uno Kilowatt Megawatt Gigawatt
How to Procure Sign Up Sign Up Sign Up Contact Sales Contact Sales
Price $199/mo
Billed Annually
Billed Annually
Billed Annually
# of InfluxDB Servers
Data Nodes
1 2 2 3 4 2/3/4/6
# of Cores
Per Data Node Server
Max 4 Max 2 4 8+
InfluxEnterprise Features
Database Config + Mgmt.
Database Monitoring
Backup + Recovery
Retention Policy Mgmt.
Query Mgmt.
Shard Mgmt.
Cluster Mgmt.
Cluster Rebalancing
Cluster Monitoring
Support Levels
Coverage 8AM-8PM 8AM-8PM 8AM-8PM 24/7
Response Time Best Effort 24hrs 24hrs 4hrs
Max Incidents / Year Unlimited 12 Unlimited Unlimited
Named Contacts 1 3 5

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