Which configuration is right for me?

In general, memory is important for use cases with many unique series while storage is important based on the total volume of data (regardless of the number of series).

If you’re unsure what size to pick or need more guidance please contact sales

What should I do if I’m using InfluxDB’s Managed Hosting service on Digital Ocean?

We will continue to support customers who are currently on Digital Ocean. We will no longer offer the InfluxDB Managed Hosting service on Digital Ocean at the end of 2016.

For existing customers, contact sales before June 3, 2016 to receive a promo code for an additional 10% off the annual price of both the hosting and technical support fees. Once you’ve completed the signup process, the InfluxDB Support team will work with your team to get your data migrated to the InfluxCloud service on AWS.

If you are uninterested in moving to AWS, we’ll provide you with the tools to get your data from your server.

How does support work?

Support Plan24/7
Additional Support
(M-F 8AM-8PM)
Initial Response SLAPrice/moPrice/yr
(20% discount)
Basic*X1 day$0$0
Enhanced**XX1 day$399$3,830.00

* Basic support comes with all cluster plans and includes 24/7 monitoring and triage of infrastructure issues. Basic support does not include support for questions about using, optimizing, or troubleshooting InfluxDB itself. For those kinds of questions InfluxDB offers a number of (free) community support channels as well as enhanced support (see below).

** Enhanced support provides access to an experienced team of support engineers to help you troubleshoot issues and answer questions about InfluxDB.

Get in touch with support by sending an email to support@influxdata.com using the email on your InfluxCloud account.

For more information about our support plans with better SLAs, please contact sales

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